Step-on-guides have that unique ability to enhance the overall tour experience in that they possess knowledge about a place that makes history come alive! They know the history and stories about places to visit that are off the beaten tourist route.

Step-on-guides work for museums, national parks, convention bureaus, and other large attractions in their hometown which makes them invaluable. The tour guides we use, know the history of the Modern Civil Rights Movement because in most cases, they helped to make it. Those that did not live the history have studied and conducted research pertaining to that specific place and meet with various tour groups throughout the year.

The main responsibility of a step-on-guide is to provide in-depth information about the part of the tour that is related to their part of the overall tour experience. As such, they provide more detail than the tour manager leading the tour about the area in question. They provide visitors with very precise, detailed information that they, the tourist, would not have otherwise known.

Our exceptional step-on-guides are well-versed in the history of the areas where they work. They know what people want to see and how to best experience the history and related attractions.