Out the Box Tours and Travel Presents:
“Stony The Road We Trod . . .”
Alabama’s Role in the Modern Civil Rights Movement
More Than a Tour, an Experience That Cannot Be Duplicated or Replicated!

A visit to the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument includes Bethel Baptist Church, Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, Kelly Ingram Park, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and the A.G. Gaston Motel.  This walking tour takes you inside some of the most sacred spaces of the Movement for Human and Civil Rights in Birmingham.  Tour Guide Barry McNealy makes history come alive as participants explore the history, meet the people, visit the places , and learn about events, in Birmingham that define this era of U.S. history.  The stories of courage, tenacity, and hope in the face of certain danger is awe inspiring.

Meet Living Legend, Rev. Dr. Carolyn McKinstry author of While the World Watched . Here, Dr. McKinstry shares her story of surviving the bombing of the Sixteenth Baptist Church on September 15, 1963.

Living Legend, Ms. JoAnne Bland, Selma Freedom Fighter since the age of 11 leads a tour of Selma, Alabama as we retrace the route of the 1965 Selma to Montgomery March for the right to vote.  Mrs. Bland is featured in Never Lose Sight of Freedom and White Lies


Interactive workshops allow opportunities to share, inspire, and create new ways to share knowledge


Participants memorialize their visit to Historic Bethel Baptist Church by sharing what they learned and experienced by creating an art exhibit

Participants in the Courtyard of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.